Our History

Lakeside Junior High was founded in 2013 to serve grades 8-9 in Springdale, ar. we serve approximately 700 students.

Mascot: Golden Eagle

School Colors: Garnet & Gold

Our Mission

To support teams of learning, Lakeside has incorporated an array of technology to enhance student learning, including interactive whiteboard technology, and student production laboratories. These technologies fuel student learning through authentic, higher-order-thinking activities. Our media center is a state-of-the-art facility that allows for both large group and small group instruction supported by interactive technology stations located throughout the center.Lakeside Junior High School's foundational vision of teaming can be found in many aspects of the school culture. From teams of teachers who meet weekly to discuss student learning, to teams of students who represent our school on the field, on the court, and on the track, to teams of parents and community members that help support our school, Lakeside is about networks of teams working toward a common vision of student achievement.

Technology is integrated in the foundation of Lakeside.

Lakeside is proud of its diversity among students which enriches the quality of our culture. While our students come from a variety of backgrounds, they come together to be Golden Eagles.