School Hours: 8:45 AM - 4:05 PM

Office Hours: 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM

First Bell / Commons Release: 8:30 AM

School Start / Tardy Bell: 8:35 AM

1st Lunch: 11:50-12:25 PM

2nd Lunch: 12:35-1:05 PM

3rd Lunch: 1:20-1:55 PM

9th grade Dismissal: 4:00 PM

8th grade Dismissal: 4:05 PM


Attendance at school is important for successful academic progress. Regular attendance is also required by Arkansas State Law 6-18-221. It is important for students to be at school each day and on time.

Excessive Absences

  1. Eight (8) or more absences in a semester will be considered excessive.

  2. Students who accumulate more than eight (8) absences in a class for the semester will not be eligible for credit in that class.

  3. Denial of credit may affect promotion and/or graduation of the individual student.

  4. The Benton or Washington County Juvenile Courts will be notified of all absences in which the student exceeds the eight (8) absence limit unless the student is participating in an attendance recovery program or an alternative program.

Classification of Absences

The following classification of absences will count toward the eight (8) day limit in which credit for the course will be denied:

  • Regular School Absences: A regular school absence is defined as any time the student is not present in class excluding truancies and the types of absences identified in Section II.B. of this policy. The student will be able to make up work missed due to his/her absence from school if the request for make-up work is made by the student the day he/she returns to school. The teacher will determine the timeline for student make-up.

  • Truancy: A truancy is defined as any time a student is absent from school without the knowledge of the parent/guardian. This may include anytime the student is not in his/her assigned class during the school day. Students are not eligible for make-up work for truancies.

The following classification of absences will not count toward the eight (8) day limit in which credit for the course or promotion will be denied.

  • Campus Activity: School sponsored field trips, assemblies, contests, or any other school activity as determined by the building principal.

  • Medical: Student absences due to the directive of the student’s medical doctor or doctor/dental appointments. Doctor/Dental appointments must indicate the day and time the student was seen in the doctor/dental office. Appropriate documentation from doctor/dental office must be submitted to the attendance office.

  • Military: Student absences due to military deployment on leave from active duty of your parent or legal guardian.

  • Legal: Student absences due to court or legal appointments. Court/legal appointments must indicate the day and time the student was seen at court or at the attorney’s office. Appropriate documentation from the court/legal office must be submitted to the attendance office.

  • Suspensions: In-School Intervention (ISI), In-School Suspension (ISS), Out of School Suspension (OSS): Student absences due to administrative directive, used as a disciplinary sanction. A. Students who are assigned to In-School Intervention (ISI) or In-School Suspension (ISS) will receive full credit for all make-up work completed. Absences due to ISI or ISS will not count toward the eight (8) day limit. B. Students who are suspended out of school (OSS) will receive a maximum of 50% credit for all make-up work completed for the time they were suspended from school. The time frame for completing this work will be left to the discretion of the administrator. Absences due to out-of-school suspensions will not count toward the eight (8) day limit.

Expulsions - students who are expelled from school will forfeit all credits for the duration of the expulsion. Permanent records will be marked as “NC” (no credit) in the semester grade column if the student had passing grades at the time of expulsion and “F” if the student had failing grades at the time of expulsion.

Notification to Parents of Student Absences

  1. The Springdale School District has established eight (8) absences per semester as the maximum number allowed per semester. The student’s parent/guardian shall be notified when the student has accumulated excessive absences equal to one-half (1/2) the total number of absences permitted per semester. Notice shall be by telephone contact by the end of the school day in which the fourth absence occurred or by mail no later than the following school day.

  2. Before a student accumulates the maximum number of absences allowed per semester (8), the school administration may at the request of the student or parent/guardian enter into a formalized written agreement with the student and his/her parent or guardian. This agreement will include conditions of the agreement and the consequences for failing to fulfill the requirements of the agreement and will be signed by the student, parent/guardian, and a school administrator:

  • of credit denial for the affected class(es)

  • the appeal process for credit to be reconsidered through an attendance recovery program

  • student options through an alternative learning program

  • notification of the prosecuting attorney and the possibility of a fine not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500) plus court costs

  • name and phone number of a school official to contact for further information

Check Out/ In Procedures

The Lakeside campus is a closed campus. Students arriving late or leaving early must check in/out through school personnel located in the front office. Parents picking up their child during the school day are required to come into the front office to sign the student out and must show photo identification. Parents are discouraged from checking students out of school for non-medical reasons. (i.e. lunches, haircuts, etc…) Students will not be allowed to check out from school with ANY PERSON that is not listed on their EMERGENCY/PROFILE CARD. Any student arriving at school later than 8:45 a.m. must be checked in by a parent or legal guardian in the front office. Check-outs during school hours will require a photo I.D.

Tardy Policy: Student signed referral is sent to the office ASAP, but student is not sent out of class.

Tardy referral system will start over anytime a student goes 4 weeks w/o a tardy referral.

1st tardy received = teacher warning

2nd tardy received = teacher warning / teacher contact parent

3rd tardy referral received = 2 detentions

4th tardy referral received = 4 detentions

5th tardy referral received = 1 day ISI

6th tardy referral received = 2 days ISI

7th tardy referral received = 3 days ISI

8th tardy referral received = 4 days ISI

9th tardy referral received = 5 days ISI

10th tardy referral received = 5 days OSS & 5 days ISI